Burgers are great during circuit breaker, compact and easy to transport. Here are some of the Best burger places You should try.

I wouldn’t call myself a burger expert, but I do love indulging any sandwiched packages of joy. I have eaten my fair share of burgers and I think they translate well to deliveries during the circuit breaker period, even if you run the risk of soggy buns. It’s also a great time to try some of these new places during circuit breaker to support the tumultuous F&B scene.

Of course I’m missing usual suspects like Three Buns and Hans Im Gluck, but I’m limiting the list to burgers I’ve eaten in the last few months, since I’m more confident of their standards.

Burnt ends

Burnt Ends Sanger Burger Review
Burnt Ends’ signature Burnt Ends Sanger Burger was immensely hearty.

It’s impossible to get a seat at Burnt Ends, a mainstay in World’s 50 Best Restaurant rankings. So takeaways was one silver lining in the bleak pandemic clouds that allowed me to try this Sanger Burger ($20).

The vivacious slaw bloomed like fireworks in the night sky. Likewise the burger illuminated crevices of my palate with its hearty flavours with voluminous gushes of well-spiced flavours from the pulled pork.That hefty but succulent block of protein was immensely filling and enough for two people.

The buns also miraculously retained all of their cloud-like integrity through the journey. Comfortably partnered with law crunchiness and dense meatiness, the textures on this baby never got boring. Notes of spicy chipotle aioli, sharp cheddar and slaw piquancy then rounded up the profile, which made me quiver with its immensely comforting heartiness.

They are open for takeaway or islandwide delivery, and also recently made the popular Burnt Ends Bakery a permanent fixutre.

Burnt ends

 Website | Facebook | Instagram

  • Address: 20 Teck Lim Rd, Singapore 088391
  • Getting There: Approx 10 mins walk from Outram Park MRT
  • Hours: (Daily) 11.30am-9pm
  • Price Range: $20-$100


BurgerLabo review best burger in Singapore
Touted by many as the best burger in Singapore, BurgerLabo is a must try.

BurgerLabo’s flavourful basic burger ($18) patty delivers a sensual textural threesome — an absolutely pristine crust gave way to juicy succulence, then a slight crumbliness coated the palate full of rousing beef bits and fluids.

The cheese and simple sauce built on it magnificently. Topped with pillowy buns from Bakery Brera, it’s not hard to see why many tout BrugerLabo as having the best burger in Singapore, even if the price is slightly steep for it’s small make. Truly burger engineering ingenuity.

Also do not miss out on a side of truffle fries, theirs are intoxicatingly fragrant and one for diehard truffle fries fans.

They are open for takeaway or islandwide delivery, call 6694 0807 or 8828 1478 to place orders.


 Website | Facebook | Instagram

  • Address: Gillman Barracks, 41 Malan Rd, Singapore 109454
  • Getting There: Approx 15 mins walk from Labrador Park MRT
  • Hours: (Daily) 11am-8pm
  • Price Range: $20-$40

Dirty Buns

Dirty Buns Burgers review Singapore
Dirty Buns are newcomers, but their burgers are promising.

A new burger stall, Dirty Buns make only 50 burgers a day. Living in Yishun, their double burger ($11, $14 with fries and coke) understandably arrived cold but the buns were still satisfactorily soft even if the bottom buns were slightly soggy.

My main focus was on the patties. Living up to their name, these were dirty and filthy as juices dripped with every bite. Sporting a balanced seasoning and pleasant texture, these Dirty Buns patties played well with the cheese and pickles for some flavour interplay.

Definitely a lot of potential especially at the crazy low price of $11, and one I would return to try after circuit breaker. If you live closer to Bukit Merah, you might want to try out this hyped newcomer.

They offer pickup or island delivery for a mere $4, but pre-order early since they often sell out due to that quota.

Dirty Buns

Website | Instagram

  • Address: 102 Henderson Road S159562, Sprouts Hub
  • Getting There: Approx 15 mins walk from Redhill Mrt
  • Hours: (Daily) 5pm-7.30pm
  • Price Range: $8-$20

Five Guys

Five Guys Singapore review
Five Guys are my favourite of the global franchises that invaded our shores.

I’m not a fan of these hyped global franchises, but circuit breaker is a good time to verify the hype without braving crowds.

I prefer Five Guys Singapore to Shake Shack, and they actually have a pretty decent indulgent cheeseburger ($15, all the way toppings). The hefty and juicy patty was flavourful with an enjoyably tender texture that carried a whisper of char, though I would have preferred more.

I actually quite enjoyed the presence of grilled mushrooms and onions, which added some earthiness and sharpness. I also thought whilst their buns were soft and fluffy, they got pretty soggy towards the end, but it wasn’t a huge issue.

They are open for takeaways now, and are available on grab food.

Five Guys Singapore

Website | Facebook | Instagram

  • Address: Plaza Singapura, #01-32/33/34C/35, Singapore 238839
  • Getting There: 5 mins from Dhoby Ghaut MRT
  • Hours: (Daily) 11am-10pm
  • Price Range: $20-$30


Meatsmith singapore telok ayer $10 cheeseburger review
The legendary Meatsmith $10 Cheeseburger is the epitome of “value-for-money”.

Meatmsith’s selling their Cheeseburger for just $10 is just opening for daylight robbery — it was an unbelievable price-quality ratio. Two beautifully-smithed patties were grilled marvellously, then smothered between pillowy brioche buns to create an inexplicably scrumptious little package.

The grill bestowed a smokey fragrance and gentle crust onto the succulent patties, which combined with the rich flavours of the sauce and cheddar for a delectable base profile. Then. playful pickles entered the fray with their tart-sweetness to elegantly cushion the heavy-hitting flavours. 

Meatsmith is open for takeaway (you can get their burgers at the Telok Ayer branch for just $10 daily) and islandwide delivery.


Website | Facebook | Instagram

  • Address: 167/169 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068620
  • Getting There: Approx 10 mins walk from Telok Ayer MRT
  • Hours: (Daily) 11:30am–3pm, 4–9pm
  • Price Range: $10-$20

25 Degrees

25 Degrees Singapore burgers review
25 Degrees make my favourite burgers in Singapore.

When they are on top of their game, 25 Degrees’ Number One ($14) is still my numero uno — a thicc and juicy slab of patty embraced by buttery and fluffy buns.

25 Degree’s signature is a pretty unique burger. It was accented by gorgeously caramelized onions and crispy bacons, then finished by decadent gorgonzola and piquant thousand island sauce, which added an one-of-a-kind spunk atop its irresistible umami overload.

25 Degrees are doing takeaways and delivery on foodpanda and deliveroo now. Call 68097990 to order.

25 Degrees Singapore

Website | Facebook | Instagram

  • Address: Hotel G, 200 Middle Rd, Hotel G, Singapore 188980
  • Getting There: Approx 10 mins walk from Bugis or Bencoolen MRT
  • Hours: (Daily) 11am-11pm
  • Price Range: $15-$20



Hammee’s may operate out of a hawker centre, but they churn out restaurant-grade burgers. Their classic cheeseburger ($6/$8 for double) featured an obscenely juicy patty packed to the brim with rich bovine flavours.

There was magic in its eloquently mixed texture — mildly crumbly but mostly tender with doses of fattiness, all enveloped in a beautiful char that infused some crisp.

It was dressed with simple sauce, caramelised onions that weren’t too sharp or sweet, a nicely-melted cheese, and then sandwiched between two fluffy and buttery buns. The simple setup provided a stage for the patty to star, and it deserved an Emmy.

They are open for takeaways, you can call them at 98188014 to make advance orders before picking them up.


Facebook | Instagram

  • Address: 31 Commonwealth Crescent Market, #02-93 Singapore 149644
  • Getting There: Approx 10 mins walk from Bugis or Bencoolen MRT
  • Hours: (Wed-Sun) 11am-5pm, or until soldout.
  • Price Range: $6-$10

Alma by Juan Amador

Alma by Juan Amador burger circuit breaker review
Alma’s burger is an interesting combination of flavours, and decadently rich.

I tried an older version of this burger during their pop-up with Woodlands Sourdough, but I can only imagine it has been fine tuned by the Michelin-starred restaurant  since.

Alma’s Angus Beef Burger ($29) came with a juicy patty that perhaps carried a slight overabundance of fattiness, giving it a weaker bite but also at the same time a stronger and richer flavour. Furthermore, an inclusion sharpness of cheddar accented that beefiness extremely well.

Paired with the mellow gochujang sauce’s multi-faceted profile, which had a controlled sweet-savouriness and touches of spiciness, it was quite a rousing medley of flavours that was firmly anchored by the dreamy buns. 

Alma by Juan Amador is open for takeaway and limited delivery , including a wide menu consisting of their famed one michelin starred mains and other items.

Alma by Juan Amador

Website | Facebook | Instagram

  • Address: Goodwood Park Hotel, 22 Scotts Rd, Singapore 228221
  • Getting There: Approx 15 mins walk from Orchard MRT
  • Hours: (Tues-Sat) 12pm–2pm, (Mon-Sat) 6pm–9.30pm
  • Price Range: $30-$100

Chico Loco

Chico Loco buttermilk chicken burger review
The massive slab of buttermilk chicken in Chico Loco’s sandwich is just mouthwatering.

After all the beefy bois, here’s one for the chicken lovers and it’s a good one — Chico Loco’s eye-catching hot buttermilk chicken sandwich ($14). Yes, that colossal slab of chicken was perfectly seasoned, gratuitously crispy and unbelievably succulent.

A lively ensemble of slaw,  jalapeños, pickled cucumbers and spicy mayo then tangoed with the flavourful chicken on the palate, in a salaciously-spiced and enjoyably-salted showcase. Topped with sesame buns from Burnt Ends, this is a burger definitely worth your calories.

Chico Loco is currently offering takeaway and islandwide delivery.

Chico Loco

Website | Facebook | Instagram

  • Address: 102 Amoy St, Singapore 069922
  • Getting There: Approx 10 mins walk from Telok Ayer MRT
  • Hours: (Daily) 11.30am–9.30pm
  • Price Range: $15-$30


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